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Fanfic: Metro Last Light, Untitled (Present for Alex) [07 Mar 2016|08:14pm]
A lone stalker watched from across the bay as fascists took up residence in the Winter Palace.Collapse )
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Changing Tastes [04 Aug 2015|08:50am]
"Any idea can be good if done well."

"There are no new ideas."

"It's all in the execution."

Everyone has heard these truisms about crafting a story before, and honestly, for most of my life I would have agreed with them.Collapse )
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The End (of my doujinshi collection) [09 May 2015|08:08am]
Like it says in the title: I'm selling off the last of my doujinshi.

If you've been following my LJ for the delicious Japanese fanporn and are (for some reason) still here and not on my sales sites, this is your chance to get the few scraps that remain for dirt cheap.

To make this post somewhat more substantial: I hocked just about all of my doujinshi before I left for Japan a few years back, and gave away most of the rest, but there was a single box I kept of books I thought I might miss. Now though, honestly, it's just sitting in a box; I've already read all of them several times, so someone else might as well enjoy them. They're old now, and most of the fandoms are long-gone, but if anybody's interested, they're still out there.

I'm probably not entirely done with doujinshi, but I'm definitely done with collecting. I'll probably keep doing what I've been doing for the past couple of years: buying the occasional book that interests me, reading it, then selling it to English-speaking fans who have less access to these things than I do. In any case, follow the links below for the cheapest collection of Shin Megami Tensei, Devil Summoner, DSRK, Devil May Cry, FF8, and Call of Duty doujinshi you're likely to ever find:


(If these don't sell on my sites I'll be putting them up on eBay; I figure fans should get first crack at them before re-sellers do. If they don't sell on eBay they're going in the trash, so if you're reading this post years from now: no, I no longer have them.)
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Long-winded ramble about dated social mores and science fiction [20 Mar 2014|08:51pm]
So I finally got around to watching the Ender's Game film. No, this is not the rant you think it will be based on the subject.

Spoilers for both the book and the movie under the cut, but really, this is one of those things that's almost certainly been spoiled for you alreadyCollapse )
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Gendered Magic Systems - SMH [29 Sep 2013|06:38pm]
I've never really cared for them much. I remember complaining about them as a child, though I could never explain the reason, and my disgruntlement only grew stronger as I grew older and learned more about the world around me. They always seemed too confining, too "you go in the this box and you can never leave, you go in this other box and you can never leave"; too generalizing, too much like what I'd later learn to describe as essentializing. Worse, even as a child the demarcations of what magic men "got" and what magic women "got" seemed to broadly arbitrary, their justifications spurious (e.g. okay, so throughout history most warriors were men and - recently, at least - most nurses are women, so battle magic is "male" and healing magic is "female"... but there have been and still are both female warriors and male nurses, so why couldn't some women use battle magic and some men healing magic?) which I would later learn had much to do with them representing "ideal" versions of either gender that were "ideal" mainly in the author's own head.

Why they really bothers me though, is that they are never biologically, or even logically, consistent. First off, ask yourself: why does this magic differentiate between men and women? Does it do so on the basis of sex, or gender?

Long-winded rant about this below the cutCollapse )
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